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Stateds: Third Tues of each Month
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Introduction and Overview

The Freemasons are members of a Fraternal Organization dedicated to making good men better and thereby making the community better.

Wm. H. Upton Naval & Military Lodge was chartered in 1915. The early members included many men who made significant impact locally, nationally, and internationally. These included: Colonel Pendleton, Captain Robert E. Coontz, who was later to become Chief of Naval Operations for the US Navy. Brother Luther E. Gregory was the first chartered Master of the Lodge. Admiral Gregory during and after his illustrious Naval career performed important services for Masonry.

Charleston Lodge was chartered in 1926 by Edwin E. Wright and others. In 1995 Charleston Lodge and Wm. Upton Lodge merged. Both these Lodges have close ties to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington.

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Worshipful Master
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Worshipful Master
Scot P. Sageser

Masters Word

June 22, 2017

The Master's Word- Persistence

Greetings to all,

Summer solstice (and supposedly summer) is upon us!!! While we may all be enjoying a bit of the warm weather, our work as Masons at Wm. H. Upton Naval and Military Lodge #206 continues. Wm. H is light during the summer months, and as such we have quite a calendar of events.

June 24th LOA Masonic Family Breakfast and Meeting. Victory Temple Bremerton.
July 18th Wm. H. Stated- PICNIC IN THE PARKING LOT- Great food and fun.
July 29th LOA Masonic Family Breakfast. Wm. Renton Lodge Bainbridge Island.
August 13th- LOA/Shrine Club Picnic- Elks Lodge 11am start time.
August 15th- Wm H. Stated Meeting. 6:30 Dinner- Fried Chicken 7:30 Meeting.
November 11th- Masonic Concert-Wm. H. continues our support for this event.

Before I go any further I need to convey to the Brothers who may be reading this, my profound gratitude for their fellowship. It is one of the wonders of our fraternity that we as Masons can and do, foster and promote the warm bonds of friendship in spite of our busy lives and schedules. We have a unique opportunity, due to the institution to which we belong, to engage both in the work of our craft and also to share that labor with one another, thereby building the bonds of friendship. For that my brothers, I am deeply grateful.

And that brings me to the word..........persistence.

We all have practiced persistence in our lives. Sometimes it may have been bearing up under the strains of a difficult task at work, other times it may have been a trying stretch in one of our relationships with a family member. We all know our trying times in life. But persistence as it relates to us as Masons should also describe your attitude as you move along the path between the 2 ashlars toward that lofty goal of perfection. I find myself, many times, wondering, as I look at the two ashlars, just where am I in the journey between the rough and perfect stones. I recall the progress and the failures as I personally journey toward this high goal of perfection and recall some of the painful memories as the rough edges have been struck from my character. But, be sure of this. The journey that Masonry has set us on is worth the persistence and effort necessary to accomplish the goal. WE will prevail IF, we allow The Divine presence of the Great Architect to empower us on this journey. We must persist in this journey, just as we must persist in seeking a closer walk with the Divine.

So in closing my instruction to you would be this. Spend some time in contemplating your personal journey. Take 5-10 minutes Morning, Noon, and Night to Think. Think about the progress you have made and the friendships you have gained. Think if you have grown complacent in your journey toward the perfect ashlar, and what additional step in the right direction could you take? What is that thing in your being that the Divine is dropping hints to you to address? But most of all my friends, persist in the journey. Never give up, Never surrender, Never stop moving forward.

Scot P. Sageser, Worshipful Master, Wm. H. Upton Naval and Military lodge #206

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Clear in the West
WB Jack Ford
Senior Warden

From the West

September 2015

Behold, how good and pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity!

My brothers, we stand upon the cusp of a truly remarkable year! With the installation of our Master, Brian George, we feel the warm regards of our Lodges namesake Wm. H. Upton smiling upon us.

As with all human endeavors we as an organization must deal with the realities of our latent potential to achieve vs. our willingness to put forth the effort and work necessary to turn that potential into completed work and accomplishment. I am excited to begin this new year and to strive diligently to grow our Lodge. My thanks to the brethren for their willingness to allow me to sit in the West for this momentous year!

So, my brethren, let us work together In unity under the auspices of a very capable Worshipful Master.

Looking forward

W.B.Scot Sageser, SW, Wm. H. Upton Naval and Military Lodge #206

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Junior Warden
VWB Richard Dexter

From the South

October, 2015
Brothers: During the Dinner before the November Stated on November 17, 2015, the Job's Daughters are planning a Dessert Sale. They will also have the beautiful jewelry (hand fashioned by Haily and Ashlin Hetrick. Turkey Roast with all of the trimmings will be on the menu. Come out for a delicious meal and lively conversation.

By the Plumb,

Leonard Altig
206 Junior Warden

September, 2015
It is a time for change. The seasons change. Speed limits around schools change (drastically!) We are also having changes. Worshipful Master Brian George has set up a good year. Come to lodge and find out what is coming. As our District Deputy, Richard Masch said, "It is a good time to come [back] to lodge, to find out what we're about."

At the same time, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Larry Hoback is looking forward to the Christmas Angels project. Check it out with him and see if that may be up your alley.

If you want to find out what ideas are brewing, consider coming to the Officer's Meeting, on the second Tuesday of the month, at Victory Memorial Masonic Temple. It is not just for the officers.

We will be having our installation on Saturday, September 12 at 1300 (1:00 p.m.) at Victory Memorial Masonic Temple. Our Stated Meeting this month will be on Tuesday, September 15 at 1930 (7:30 p.m.) at Victory Memorial Masonic Temple.

By the Plumb,

Leonard Altig
206 Junior Warden

August, 2015
This month we had guest speakers who let us know how we can support people in our community... maybe even ourselves!! We got to find out some of what Washington Masonic Charities supports.

By the Plumb,

James Houston
206 Junior Warden

July, 2015
I hope you are enjoying the summer. Please be careful with the seasonal fireworks. We are dry as a bone out there and a fire hazard in the making. All the best to you and your families. Be careful on those visits to relatives.

By the Plumb,

James Houston
206 Junior Warden

June, 2015
I would like to thank and Phillip Liggett and Joel O'Campo for cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs to make the Picnic in the Parking Lot a success.

By the Plumb,

James Houston
206 Junior Warden

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WB Brian George

Secretarys Desk

November 2015


Again a fun and moving meeting. Our WM had a great presentation, but I'll let him have that for his input.

I am pleased that I am getting some of the database sheets that were sent out with the dues notices. I will over time and with your help not only get our database current but also the Grand Lodges as well. This is so important to all of us.

I am finding in this update that we have been amiss in recognizing our Brothers who are due for longevity recognition. Brothers, know that this is on my list to do. Once I have the big job of the database done, I am going to focus on these awards.

So until then my Brothers have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and don't forget our Dec mtg on the 15th, you will be receiving notice on some important votes coming up in the Lodge, concerning by-laws changes, assessment, and a Grand Lodge resolution.

So see you there my Brothers.

WB BJ Quance

October 2015


Again a fun meeting. The Worshipful Master has come up with many programs for short talks to everyone during the dinner hour. This last one was on tax changes and rules. It was enjoyed by all. I learned quite a bit from our guest.

Next the letters for dues has come in and I will be sending them out soon. I will also be adding a form for all, to update your information in our database so we have the current information on all the members.

This will contain address, phone number, email, and membership number. Then I will have a section for what is your preferred method of contact. Do you want us to contact you by phone, email, or mail.

Well Brothers come on out to lodge and if you know of someone or even yourself who needs a ride contact me and I'll make it happen.

BJ Quance
Your Secretary

Sept 15, 2015


Well our new Officers have been installed. The installing Master was MWB James R. Reid who was the consummate professional in the installation. There was a lunch following which was excellent and the Jobs Daughters and Eastern Star did a great job of setting up. Our DeMoley chapter did the Arc of steel, and our Jobs Daughters also did the closing cross.

I am sure that some pictures of the ceremony will be posted soon.

So on to the first stated of the new year. We had a visitor from Port Huron, MI, and our Official visit from our Brothers at Fernhill Lodge in Tacoma. The trophy has been back and forth between our lodges since 1953. That is a long time for our Lodges to remain so close.

Our new Master has a great year planned with programs and events for the entire year. Our next stated is "Past Master's" night and a good time will be had by all I am sure.

So show up and be a part of the fun and food at your Lodge.

WB BJ Quance

Aug 19, 2015


I have been remiss in keeping my contribution to the trestle board up to date. I will do better in the future. But to give you a short synopsis of what has transpired over the last couple of months is as follows:

In July we had our elections and the following brothers were elected to serve for the upcoming year

Worshipful Master: Bro Brian George
Senior Warden: WB Scot Sageser
Junior Warden: WB Lenny Altig
Treasurer: WB Phil Liggett
Secretary: WB BJ Quance

The installation will be an open installation on Sep 12th @ 1pm

Aug was our step up night and all the brothers performed quite well and showed how well deserved they are to hold the offices in our lodge.

One other thing I have brothers is, there are some of you who haven't paid your 2015 dues (you know who you are) I will be sending out reminders so you can bring yourself current before Dec 31st so you don't go NPD in Jan 2016

Also when the new Dues cards come out they are going to in plastic, Grand Lodge is finally moving into the 21st century and going to a more electronic accounting method.

So Brothers that is all I have for this time, I know it was long but we have done a lot in lodge lately. See you at the installation Brothers :)

WB BJ Quance

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Senior WardenWB Jack Fordsw@whupton206.org360-271-6958
Junior WardenWB Dick Dexterjw@whupton206.org360-698-7404
TreasurerWB Phil Liggetttreas@whupton206.org360-698-0514
SecretaryWB Brian Georgesecty@whupton206.org360-340-0601
MarshalBr. Abbey Abrahammarshal@whupton206.org360-213-4934
ChaplainWB Hank Carmanchaplain@whupton206.org360-731-6620
Senior DeaconWB Roberto DelaPenasd@whupton206.org360-649-4395
Junior DeaconBr. Arturo Rosales jd@whupton206.org360-908-8945
Senior StewardWB James Houstonss@whupton206.org360-698-7404
Junior StewardBr. Michael Smithjs@whupton206.org805-358-2874
Asst. SectyNone
TylerWB Joel Ocampotyler@whupton206.org360-692-2084
MusicianWB Duran Burton
WebmasterVWB Lance OtisLotis666@gmail.com360-874-0835